Discovery of mysterious ALIEN corpse on riverbank leaves scientists baffled
Discovery of mysterious ALIEN corpse on riverbank leaves scientists baffled
Discovery of mysterious ALIEN corpse on riverbank leaves scientists baffled
Analysts are struggling to explain the analysis of an ‘alien’ corpse near a nuclear power plant. The body, said to have a ‘mysterious skull’, was found on the banks of the River Kovashi by two locals on Sunday. They came across the bewildering animal in the Russian town of Sosnovy Bor – a capital built in 1958 for workers at the Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant. Experts have so far no idea what it is, reports the Express. The locals who found the body originally thought it was a damaged mutant chicken embryo, local media say. One analyst was quoted as saying: seems that this body is neither fish nor fowl – this animal has a baffling skull, no neck and The body was inspected by experts from the Convention of Biophysics in Krasnoyarsk, who failed to shed any light on the organism. YouTube Botanist Yegor Zadereev reportedly said: “Extensive studies are needed to complete what kind of animal or animal it The body is normal to be sent to Moscow for further tests. However Alien agent are indoctrinated it is not of this earth.

Unearthly: Some are indoctrinated the body is proof of alien life Scott C Waring, who edits UFO Adjustment Daily, said: tiny alien body was found near a river in Russia and has no affinity to any animal known. analyst are baffled over what it could be and said they need to wait for the results of the tests, which are apparently DNA I

Watch Eric the cockatoo dubbed worlds rudest bird call playful dog a f****** c***
This amusing video shows the moment a cockatoo became an WWW star – thanks to a bawdy tirade. Using accent that would make a docker blush, Eric let out a burst of abuse at a dog as the pair played with each other. Apprehend by the animals’ owner, the video shows Eric sitting on the back of a sofa as a dog stands alert in front of him. The pooch then makes a leap for the bird, at which point angry Eric scowls back at him before drool towards the dog. A woman filming the confrontation then shouts at the bird: Angry Eric the cockatoo curses at his dog friend battling with the The dog then jumps towards the bird again at which point Eric calls it a The woman then yells back at the bird: is not. him Sitting on a Vegemite towel, the bird then wanders off but leaves with one more insult – stigmatize the dog “stupid”.


A rambler rescued a man from a box 1600, feet up a bluff after hearing a beating sound and cries of  Let me out! The trapped hiker had been in the box, put in place to hold accident rescue apparatus, for 12 hours after seeking shelter on Sty Head Pass in the Lake District. Bluff defender posted details of the circumstance, which appear on August 26, on social media. The unnamed rescuer wrote: Myself and my son were walking past Sty Head when we heard a beating sound. We both thought we were brainstorm it as it was acutely windy, however we then heard let me out  He added: We realised that the beating was coming from the box, which you can imagine was very strange and unusual. Gifted Canteen out: The weather closed in on the hiker on Sty Head Pass I then heard another cry of ‘let me out’. We started a chat with someone who was inside. We discharged the latches and with some alarm opened the door, when we saw a young man all hunched up inside. He said he got caught in a storm the earlier night and took refuge, only to find that while he was asleep someone had locked him in. Defender bygone asked people only to enter the box in severe weather. A Keswick Bluff Rescue agent said: While we recognise that there may be times where someone would need shelter having been unlearned, we would really acknowledge the apparatus being put back in the same action as it was removed.

Chimney sweeps hilarious van sign offering free gruel to apprentices under six is a Facebook hit
A chimney sweep’s amusing sign contribution culture for under six’s with the chance to meet Dick van Dyke has become an online hit. In the mock job advert, painted on the side of a van, free gruel is accessible for fortunate applicatants. The amusing offer, the workmanship of Chimney Sweep Surrey, reads: years or under? us as an pupil in the appealing world of chimney sweeping. gruel whilst on duty and a great chance to meet Dick Van A picture of the van arose on Facebook, where it has incensed much hilarity. It was posted under with the legend: pretty everyday until you read the small One person commented: “I have an eight year old that needs to start earning his keep. if they’ll have Another added: used to be a chimney sweep in London whose employment vehicle booking was Employment boss David Ammunition, who painted the sign more than a year ago, says he has been “overwhelmed by the activity since the pic arose online. It comes after a little boy’s amusing tampon comment in Waitrose caused a Facebook storm.

Patrick Moore 'watched UFO being caught on camera
Fabled astrophysicist Patrick Moore saw a UFO being filmed while making a broadcast during the 1960s – but the BBC edited out, it has been claimed. The accusation was reportedly made by Alien analyst Matt Lyons during the 50th ceremony anniversary of the ‘Warminster Thing’ in 1965. That year people living in the town began broadcasting a large number of strange noises and abnormal sightings. Mr Lyons acknowledge a story from a the local columnist called Arthur Shuttlewood, who broke the authentic story about the bizarre adjustment which made the town a mecca for UFO spotters. Mr Shuttlewood spoke to Sir Patrick – a well known UFO-sceptic – on January 31 1969 when he spent the evening star gazing with his film crew, the Daily Express reports. Getty Mr Shuttleood wrote that Sir Patrick and his crew spotted object they couldn’t explain and that some of their watches stopped when they arrived at the site. He wrote: after a asteroid arced from north to south, the consideration of a camera man was drawn to an orange glow that advanced into an egg-shaped craft flying low in the adverse control to the satellite. then flared into a glowing cleverness as it glided absolutely and calmly towards the blacken copse attribute Cradle He wrote that Sir Patrick said he would not call them but that they were however alluring and baffling light formations.” Mr Shuttlewood wrote: was no doubtful the reality of his being wholly baffle and the architect later sent me a letter appreciating me for giving them ‘an enduring and admirable The columnist later claimed the final cut of the BBC broadcast made by Sir Patrick had not shown his shock at what he saw or the actual footage. A BBC Agent said: have a lot of things in the BBC archive but no aliens or flying

Watch stomach-churning moment girl stretches hole in her ear before it goes horribly wrong
You’ll need a strong stomach to watch this video – differently we’d actively advocate hiding behind your hands. Because this is not a video for those who are grossed out easily – chiefly when it comes to blood. A bizarre clip is doing the rounds on the WWW, showing the moment a woman decided to stretch a tiny, tiny hole in her ear with a very big earring. Not a good idea: The earring is way too big for the ear, but she tries it out anyway Most of us would accept that it can’t be done, or that it should be one of those slow build up type things, where you upgrade the size of your earring every few months. But the woman in this video had a contrasting idea en masse, and decided to she didn’t have the time to wait that long. The woman, who is thought to be from the US, shows her huge earring to the camera before she then slowly starts to slide it through the tiny hole in her ear. After a few seconds she takes a lull and says optimistically: and steady wins the Big mistake: The ear splits leaving a bloody mess behind But as she advance to push the piece of jewellery through her ear, it abruptly all goes very wrong. Seconds later, the ear splits in two, leaving a bloody mess where her authentic biting hole used to be. Keeping awfully calm about the whole position, she simply says: f***. Well. I guess I may have to get my f****** ear sewed up now. What did I just accomplish

Drone hobbyist hits back at dad who accuses him of filming children in park
Drone hobbyist hits back at dad who accuses him of filming children in park
Drone hobbyist hits back at dad who accuses him of filming children in park
A man flying drones in a park was accused of ‘filming children’ by an angry father who claimed the connoisseur was alert his girl play football. Jonathan Hair was come by the man as he was flying his drone in a public park in the US. The man, who is sat in his car, tells Jonathan that he has seen him flying the model airliner over the area where his girl and her soccer team were playing a match. He says: a father, I don’t like people documentation kids’ practices. I find it YouTube

Unhappy: The angry father accuses the drone connoisseur of filming his girl “I don’t like my girl being Jonathan absolutely denies deliberately filming the adolescent and tells the man that his GPS logs will show the area he was flying in was well away from the children’s soccer team. He then invites the man to call the police if he thinks he has devoted a crime, to which the father can only reply: “I don’t YouTube

Not a spy device: Jonathan says he has not done all wrong by flying his device in a public place Jonathan, who transfer the video to his YouTube channel, wrote: airliner are not a crime. This is a public field. that has flown with me knows I fly in a safe manner. I made a point to not go anyplace near the other people on the adjoining field. that has a problem with my flying can come and talk with me about it. So long as they don’t imply I am a paedophile it is likely to be a agreeable YouTube

Flight path: Jonathan proves he was not using his device near the soccer team At the end he adds: feed the ‘drone’ paranoia. Model airliner are a hobby, not a spy He also adds a picture of his GPS logs, which appear to show his flight path was a compelling area from where the soccer team were playing. There is no approach he was doing all illegal. Jonathan’s video has now had 693364, views since it was shared on YouTube on August 16.