£15,000 lunch money

Posted: 2nd December 2009 by Absurd Stories in School Life
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£15,000 lunch money Bullies are typically known for asking for lunch money which is usually a very small amount.  This time in Germany the bullies got too greedy and demanded €17,000 which is approximately £15,000. The boy was told that he would have to hand over the money soon and was threatened with violence if he failed to hand over the money.

The blackmailing had originally begun with small amounts of money but over the course of two years it has kept increasing to the point in which the boy began to steal from his father. This is what alerted the father as the boy attempted to steal €17,000. According to the German police the parents used to keep large amounts of money around the house and did not notice when the child stole smaller amounts.

Police said that only a small amount of money has been recovered as most of the money had been spent on clothes and video games. Unfortunately the boys were too young to be prosecuted.

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