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14 Year Old Arrested after Facebook Post

Posted: 12th February 2012 by Absurd Stories in Facebook

So a 14 Year old boy stole a van from a farm that harvests trees in Gresham, the 14 year old boy has been taken into custody after a hit and run crash that has cricially injured another driver. The 14-year-old Gresham, Oregon boy was taken into police custody on Wednesday quickly after the boy […]

Living with Werewolf Syndrome

Posted: 9th February 2012 by Absurd Stories in People
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In an incredible twist of fate three sisters are affected by one of the most unusual condition in the world, affecting just one in a billion. Three Sangli sisters are suffering from a very unusual genetic disorder known as werewolf syndrome – whereby they are completely covered from their head to toe in thick and […]

News Anchor Bit on Face by Rescued Dog – Video

Posted: 8th February 2012 by Absurd Stories in Animals

Max, a 3-year-old Argentine Mastiff, fresh off being saved from the freezing waters of the Smith Reservoir, has taken a bite from veteran KUSA anchor Kyle Dyer on the face during a segment being filmed at at 9News studios. Luckily, 9News reports that Dyer is "currently in fair condition and is being evaluated by the […]

Virgin at 36, but Fathering 14 Children

Posted: 5th February 2012 by Absurd Stories in People
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Here we have a virgin by the name of Trent Arsenault who has hit the headlines last December when his free sperm bank came under investigation from the US Food and Drug Administration. The California local who claims to have the "perfect" gene pool, has announced that he is a 36-year-old virgin (wasn’t that a […]

Witch Cottage Discovered

Posted: 3rd February 2012 by Absurd Stories in People, Religion
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The discovery of a 400 year old witch cottage comes only few months away from the 400th anniversary of the Pendal witch trials and represent a great discovery according to archaeologists, similar to that of finding the tomb of King Tut.  The cottage was discovered by British engineers on a construction project in Lancashire.  The […]

Wedding Ring found a decade later

Posted: 2nd February 2012 by Absurd Stories in People
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She lost her ring more than a decade back and even gave up the idea of ever finding it again until last October when she finally found her ring.  Lena Paahlsson who lives on a farm in Northern Sweden was picking her last carrots in her farm when she saw something glittering on one of […]

Triple eyed and double snout piglet born in China

Posted: 1st February 2012 by Absurd Stories in Animals
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Over the past years China has build up a reputation of its own in welcoming out of the ordinary animals-if not to say fantasy-animals-turn-real.  For example some recent cases include the discovery of the Cyclops shark and Man Pig and the birth of a goat with seven legs or even the recent case of the […]