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Daughter Picks Winning Lottery Ticket

Posted: 31st March 2012 by Absurd Stories in People
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The mirade of "Ways of ruining your kids lives" is about a million miles long, and somewhere between "reading bedtime stories too scary" and "comparing kids" there is this cracker: have your kids choose winning lottery numbers   Because for Afsheen Ahsan, this strangely worked. Afsheen's 2-year-old daughter, Anaya Hussein, put her hands on a […]

Humans Lifetime Food Consumption

Posted: 28th March 2012 by Absurd Stories in Weird Facts
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During your lifetime, you'll eat about 60,000 pounds of food. That's the weight of about 6 elephants.

Facebook mums have school yard fight

Posted: 25th March 2012 by Absurd Stories in Facebook, People
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It is not strange for a school fight to be started because of Facebook – except, perhaps, when the organizers are two adults and mothers at that. The mothers of the children from a British school, were arguing online about a upcoming children's party, and could not settle the argument so they agreed to meet […]

Vampire Woman

Posted: 13th March 2012 by Absurd Stories in People
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This is the stunning face of "The Vampire Woman" Maria Jose Cristerna – she takes the idea for body art to a completely new level.   The tattoo artist and trained solicitor has displayed her amazing appearance in an exhibition of tattoos in the northeastern city of Monterrey recently.   She says she was inked […]

Spiders Overtake Australian City

Posted: 10th March 2012 by Absurd Stories in Animals, Weather

Like a scene right from "Arachnophobia", spiders have silk covered an Australian city in an attempt to reach higher ground during the flood season. Vast flooding near the capital city of Melbourne has pushed some 8,000 people from their principle residences last week, but also drivem millions of wolf spiders and their silk into local […]

Thief Stole a Hummer and ran away Naked

Posted: 1st March 2012 by Absurd Stories in Motoring

Another naked man who surprised the police by attempting to escape from a Hummer completely naked was caught by a police canine. The suspect was attempting to escape without any clothing after a cop chase. The man had stolen the Hummer at gun point from the hummer driver and straight away, a chase ensued involving […]

Jack Nicholson Lookalike Arrested

Posted: 1st March 2012 by Absurd Stories in Law, People
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Police in BRAZIL have taken into custody a Jack Nicholson look alike for suspected forgery when he attempted to obtain a bank account showing an id certification with a photo of the famous actor Jack Nicholson. Ricardo Sergio Freire de Barros, 41, was taken into custody in the city of Recife and charged with using […]