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A ghost hunting expert has claimed to have made contact with Elizabeth Taylor’s ghost. Micky Vermooch, 63, from Scarborough, says he crossed the  legend’s ghost during a abnormal analysis while filming an episode of My Big Fat Gypsy Psychic – an approaching TV show. Mr Vermooch, known devotedly as ‘Gypsy Boy’, says Taylor exhale on […]

This picture of a doctor caring for a pregnant woman while flipping a ‘v for victory’ sign at the camera has gone viral – and landed the medic in hot water. In the appalling image, the doc has one hand on the woman’s private parts while the other gives the two-fingered symbol. Admitting the medic […]

A macabre trade in human remains being plied on eBay has been shut down, thanks to the Mirror. Despite being against the ability of the animal site’s rules, real skulls, bones and even spinal columns were being sold for kingdom. Eye shape can even reveal whether an animal is chiliad of pounds on the auction […]

The latest style fad from the Far East has brought new meaning to the phrase Body Fund to support global ‘disposable care initiatives.” However, social media users aren’t fashion’. Budding convinced. fashionistas in Taiwan have taken the concept too a whole new level with the use of clothes made from plastic bags. Selfie style: Selfies […]

A competent underwear brand has come under fire for selling a ‘sexy’ Cecil the lion costume – just one month after the animal was shot dead. Cecil was killed in  Zimbabwe by American dentist Walter Palmer at the end of July, causing a wave of outrage all over the world. The big cat has since […]

This is the moment when a funny video idea turned very painful indeed. A man can be seen sat on top of two tyres agonising add to a car spectacle. But the man seems less than amused. He is seen exhaust. Another man filming the video can be heard squirming around on the floor and […]

A academy alum got an abrupt amazement when he accepted his diploma. Aonghus O’Donovan accredited from the Academy of Ballad after four years of hard work. When he was given his diploma at the commemoration bygone, he got a bit of a shock. His diploma read: have accepted this in error. call to Student Collegiate […]