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Artist reveals her bones using only coloured pens and markers

Posted: 31st August 2015 by Absurd Stories in People
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Whoever said beauty was only skin deep might change their mind when they see this beautiful piece of work. Artist Natalie Nakles created this hauntingly cool design by using markers and a pen to make it look as though her hand’s bones were on display. The arresting design appears to show bones and tendons exposed. […]

A spooky image has been detected in a scrap metal business where the spirits refuse to rust in peace. The ghostly face has been spotted in the window of a room used to store car parts. The tortured image captured during a routine photo-shoot at the site in Taronis, Aston. And it is yet more […]

For most people, space analysis is amazing as we are constantly going beyond anything we once thought possible to relay advice from far away planets. For others, that just isn’t quite enough. beamed back to Earth from Mars taken by the Curiousity rover seem to offer a alluring insight into the Red Planet owing to […]

Think you could drink recycled wee if it meant you would stay alive? That’s the question cosmonaut have to answer before they go onto the Space Station for a tour of duty. But while Nasa’s people are happily gulping back wee-that-once-was, cosmonaut have chosen to go another way. space travel will always be defenseless on […]

A family of 16ft beluga whales look very pleased with themselves as they blow synchronised bubble rings in an aquarium in Japan. This whales amazed bystander by blowing bubble rings at exactly the same time. Wildlife paparazzo Hiroya Minakuchi was lucky enough to get up close to the trio of animals to capture the moment. […]

Alexey Kurulyov Terrifying: Muzzle makes any pet dog look like a con Here’s a truly bizarre way to keep you and your dog safe on late night walks – by turning your pet into a alarming werewolf. A Russian company has come up with a new muzzle design that alter any pooch into a snarling […]

This amazing marine creature – of the world’s rarest beast – has been spotted by biologist for the first time in 31 years. The elusive mollusc was pictured in waters around Papua New Guinea after a assiduous four-year search. The nautilus called Allonautilus scrobiculatus is thought to have been around for more than 500 million […]