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Anybody hates a packed and busy commute, but this absolutely isn’t the way to get around existing on a sweaty train. The clip shows two teenage boys adherent to the back of a driver train as it pulls out of a station. They hold on using a step and bar at the back, until the […]

As long as we have had YouTube, we have had cat videos. Cats on skateboards, cats sitting in chairs and cats on top of cats. But just when you thought you had endorsed felines in every achievable position, think again, because a video of a cat confusing in a steamy clinch with a SNAIL has […]

It’s not easy being ugly – but these people are world challenger at it. They were taking part in the Egremont World Gurning Crown in Cumbria this weekend. Chiliad flocked to the town for the annual Crab Fair which saw gurning legend Tommy Mattinson lose his crown. North News & Account moment: Gordon Blacklock takes […]

Footage of Black Triangle UFO shows mysterious lights drifting over city

Posted: 21st September 2015 by Absurd Stories in Aliens
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On first analysis this video looks like someone has apprehend the light in his back garden and is passing it off as a brush with alien life. But take a closer look and it pays a arresting affinity to the large, silent, black trilateral objects that are known to hover over built up areas. The […]

out of curiosity/boredom I A man who gets drunk after eating augur a girl about one of her travel murphy has told how his loved ones were indoctrinated he was a secret cartoon, he alcoholic. Nick Hess has rare auto-brewery continued. ailment, meaning "Subsequently I told her I would take her to China if she […]

An amateur paparazzo found one of Britain’s biggest spiders in his back garden – hiding in a sun shade enclosed by the corpses of DEAD arachnids. Matthew Field spotted the eight-legged tube web spider when he unintentionally confused its web and it began abandon around his patio. Body experts have analyze it as a Segestria […]

Distressed cat dyed bright PINK rescued from market after being put on display

Posted: 15th September 2015 by Absurd Stories in Animals

A cat has been rescued from a market in Bahrain where it had been dyed P and put on display in the extreme heat. The four-month-old feline, known as Pinky, was spotted at Isa Town Market last month by 17-year-old Bilal Aslam, who posted appalling account of the decayed cat on Facebook. The country’s SPCA […]