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Drop your trousers Laundrette

Posted: 8th January 2016 by Absurd Stories in Facebook

This is the cheeky launderette sign that has got the internet in stitches. In a bid to lure in customers Clean World has come up with an amusing legend for its window. The sign in the Lewisham laundrette reads: “Ladies and Gentlemen, drop your trousers here for best results.” Local resident Learco Fermi uploaded the […]

Did Adolf Hitler fake his own death?

Posted: 8th January 2016 by Absurd Stories in People

A veteran CIA agent claims to have proof Hitler faked his own death in his bunker at the end of the Second World War. The team have used a collection of never-before-seen documents to develop the theory that Hitler did not actually kill himself and instead fled to the Canary Islands. Veteran CIA agent Bob […]

A slice of pizza every day for a year

Posted: 8th January 2016 by Absurd Stories in Food

This man set himself a New Year’s Resolution to eat pizza every single day for a year. Kyle Feeney started the challenge in January 2015 and recorded himself tucking into a slice every 24 hours – before uploading the results on his Instagram page. Fortunately for Kyle, his love for pizza knows no bounds, and […]

The best chocolate bar in the world

Posted: 8th January 2016 by Absurd Stories in Food

A simple yet quite frankly mind-blowing chocolate mash-up is blowing chocoholic’s minds on the internet. British author/snack genius James Hannah tweeted a photograph of a Toblerone enhanced with segments of Terry’s Chocolate Orange wedged between each sweet pyramid. The writer of ‘The A–Z of You and Me’ simply captioned the picture ‘Toblorange’ and suddenly bored […]

Tree Counting conundrum goes viral – Answers

Posted: 1st January 2016 by Absurd Stories in Facebook
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Brain teaser: There are some obvious ones, but the puzzle gets harder and harder A puzzle purporting to have hidden faces in the drawing of a tree has gone viral – and it’s a really tough one. As the early hours of 2016 melt away, Facebookers have been sharing the image millions of times, with […]

She’s the blind Bulgarian mystic whose followers claim she predicted 9/11, the rise of Islamic State and the 2004 tsunami. And now Baba Vanga’s chilling vision for 2016 is being revealed. Previously, it is claimed she predicted 9/11 before dying in 1996. She said: “Horror! Horror! The American brethren will fall after being attacked by […]

With their crude cartoon-like style in rough Biro, little about these two drawings would lead you to believe they’re worth a whopping £16250., But that’s what they’ve just sold for – and all because they were created by the magical pen of renowned British artist LS Lowry . Looking at the works, they could easily […]