Elephant-Massage1Places all around the world have come up with amazing means to look younger and feel better.

Asia has been known for its massages and herbal miracle products. What is available these days may just – literally – leave you breathless.

indexIn the majestic jungles of Thailand, they have started a practice that gives a new meaning to the words “Thai massage”. In Chaing Mai elephants are now being trained in the art of massage. Tourists and locals alike like, lie down while these gentle giants use their feet and trunks to massage the kinks and knots away from their human patients.

The zoo in Cebu City has started to use Burmese pythons to massage customers. It is said that after 15 minutes of this therapy, a person is left feeling refreshed.

In Japan you can soak in an enormous ramen noodle pot, which is filled with a broth of pork-based pepper collagen to cleanse the skin and increase metabolism.

In Austria youth-seekers bathe in vats of beer to gain from the calcium and vitamin B content. Others have taken to the art of face-slapping and bee-sting creams in order to produce a younger, rosier face and erase wrinkles. To help with aches and pains, some have turned to cryogenics for its benefits. Women around the world are steam cleaning their bikini areas in order to stay fresh and clean.

Who knows what will come up next in the continued search for the “Fountain of Youth.”

  1. Owen says:

    I would rather put up with the pain… no way I am getting under that elephant

  2. Lily says:

    How could they train a snake to stop…. no way not for me

  3. Damika Irving says:

    Not sure I would trust an elephant or a snake