A Yellow House!!! Need we say more?

Posted: 8th February 2015 by Preeti Bhatia in Law, People
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Edwardo-VareseGreenock, Inverclyde is a very neat, tidy and conservative area. One community in particular prides itself on being a conservation of Historic Scotland. So when Edwardo Varese and his brother, Stefano, decided to paint their house bright yellow, it has driven the entire town to chaos. The Varese family has been ordered by council members to change the color of the house. Apparently, this decision surfaced after a surge of grievances from local community members and neighbors.

The bright, cheery yellow color of the house goes against the community’s development plans. The properties of this area take guidance from Historic Scotland, and a previous planning report stated that house colors are required “to be derived from soft, pastel hues found in traditional limewashing which are appropriate to the period of the buildings.”

Edwardo-Varese2The Varese family spent £3,000 to paint the house yellow, and now, after long proceedings and court hearings, they are being forced to change the color. Edwardo stated that this foolish ordeal has put a lot of stress on the family, especially his elderly parents, Adriano and Edilia. Word of this fiasco has hit the web, and thousands of backers have rallied to voice their opinions and show support. The supporters have their own Facebook page to quickly communicate their feelings on the matter, as one member stated that it brightened up a dreary town. The Varese brothers are remaining steadfast and have decided to fight the decision until they get to keep their jovial house color.