Aliens in Amazon – Fact or Hoax?

Posted: 24th October 2011 by Absurd Stories in People
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British tourists passing in the Amazon, Brazil, have reportedly filmed an alien creature. In their video, we see a strange little creature standing near a tree. These images have not failed to generate interest, as there is still no clear proof that there is indeed extraterrestrial life and whether its representatives have ever set foot on our planet. In one corner of the image, you can see a flash of light that may be related to the presence of the creature.

Meanwhile, the Brazilian government has launched an investigation in the region. The army was dispatched to the scene to determine whether or not there was an alien form of life.

Michael Cohen, known for his paranormal stories, obtained access to the video and according to the writer, "these images are particularly interesting, it is difficult to put into question. They come from a region known for its UFO activity and it is clear that if the aliens are interested in this region of the Earth, it has to be for its high biodiversity. "

Aliens in the Amazon

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