Amputated arm turned into dolphin’s head

Posted: 13th December 2011 by Absurd Stories in Animals, People

After losing his right arm in a train accident when he was only 13, Heine Braeck now aged 33 has recently transformed his amputated arm into a real piece of art.  In fact, the man from Norway was always fascinated by his arm since it had the form of a dolphin’s head.  Recently, thanks to the amazing inking talent of gifted tattooist Valio Ska, Braeck tattooed his arm to look like a dolphin’s head. 

Looking back to the day that he lost his arm, Braeck narrates that he was trying to take a shortcut across the top of a stationary train when the latter started moving and he lost his balance.  When he grabbed the wires that provide power to the train, he was electrocuted and lost his right arm. 

He was inspired to have a dolphin tattoo because after the surgery he was always fascinated by the fact that his arm resembled a dolphin’s head and this is exactly what prompted him to get in touch with the tattooist.

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