Antelope crashed into mountain biker during race

Posted: 14th October 2011 by Absurd Stories in Animals, People
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Evan van der Spuy, 17, who was taking part in a race on Sunday was hit by a Red Hartebeest Buck.  The Red Hartebeest is in fact a large reddish fawn antelope which has an excellent sense of hearing and smell, and can run at speeds reaching around 30miles per hour which nevertheless has very weak eyesight.  It weighs around 23.5 stone. 

The whole footage was captured by another racer who was filming the whole race for a marketing company which was sponsoring the event.  After hitting the racer and knocking him off his bike at Albert Falls Dam in South Africa, the antelope jumped back to its feet and disappeared amidst the grass apparently unhurt. 

The racer on the other hand was left on the grass with some minor injuries like whiplash and concussion.  Luckily he has his helmet on, which during this rare incident was shattered to pieces.  The young man was released from the hospital the following morning.

Watch Accident Here