1000 year-old-tomb has a perfectly preserved skeleton

Posted: 30th September 2015 by Absurd Stories in Afterlife

A frame has been found by classicist – and has been almost perfect conserve for a millennium. The bin was bare on September 16, buried beneath the small church of St Alban’s Priory in Odense, Denmark. In the footage, two classicist are seen lifting a huge stone slab off the upper part of the frame . Leg bones and a pelvis can be clearly seen. Read more: Richard III sealed tomb disclose Find: The two men attempt to lift the slabs of stone Uncovered: A leg bone can clearly be seen as the stone is lifted away The upper body appears to be covered in dirt as the two men stand back and marvel at their find. The frame was found after work had begun on a light rail project anticipated to run through the area. Classicist had been giving the site a once over as it is known to be an area of consequential importance. Up close: The bones have been almost altogether conserve Covered: Parts of the pelvis can be seen admitting the upper body is still hidden in dirt Bestow to The History Blog, the frame is likely to be that of a man, aged almost 30-years-old and 187cm tall, admitting little else is yet known about the body. The coffin and its remains have been moved to the Academy of Austral Denmark for further investigation.