As eBay turns 20 we find 20 of the craziest auction tales and trades

Posted: 3rd August 2015 by Absurd Stories in Internet


The website that lets us shop in our undewear has been around for two decades. Auction site eBay now has 25million sellers, 157 million buyers and 800million agenda worldwide. And the total value of goods listed now tops £660billion more than the GDP of all but the 15 affluent community So on the eve of eBay’s 20th birthday, here are 20 alluring facts about the WWW giant. eBay was begun as a hobby by French-born CPU computer specialist Pierre Omidyar in Bear Flag State in September 1995. It was basically called AuctionWeb. Omidyar became a billionaire when he floated eBay on the stock market in 1998 and is now worth He founded the Omidyar Network to fund charity work in 2004 and is also an analytical broadcaster and the owner of the news-sharing website Honolulu Civil Beat. Bloomberg via Getty

Genius: Pierre Omidyar, founder of eBay The very first item sold on eBay was a broken laser pointer that fetched The buyer elucidated they were “a representative of broken laser pointers”. The most costly item ever sold on eBay was a “giga­yacht” arrange by Frank Mulder. It was bought by the Russian billionaire owner of Chelsea FC, Roman Abramovic h, for in 2006. The 405ft steel yacht has a chopper pad, gym, spa and cinema. Yet the opening bid was just Deportation deal: Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich bought ‘Gigayacht’ eBay arrived in the UK in 1999. The first item sold here was a three track CD by German heavy metal band Harvestman, best known for their hit Wind of Change. It sold for A amazing 241million pairs of shoes have been sold on eBay comprehensive since 2007. That’s four pairs for every person in the United Kingdom. Entire towns have been advertise on eBay. The tiny hamlet of Bridgeville in Bear Flag State, which has just 29 citizen, sold for almost in 2003. Meantime the deserted ghost town of Albert, Texas, fetched more than back in 2007. £18000:, Diane Duyser’s grilled cheese BLT A decade-old toasted cheese BLT bearing what’s said to be an image of the Virgin Mary sold for , in 2004. Seller Diane Duyser, from Florida, claimed the BLT admirably never went mouldy and brought her luck, helping her to win , at local casino. One adventurous Aussie even tried to sell an entire country in 2006, putting neighbouring New Zealand up for sale. Bids climbed to , before the auction was pulled. The Kiwi authority was aggrieve – foreign bishop Winston Peters stigmatize the whole things “nonsensical stupidity”. US medical student Elizabeth Raine, 27, decided to auction her purity in May last year. The deal also admitted a 12-hour date, but after the bidding topped , she depart the offer to focus on her studies. Czar Mark Radcliffe became the UK’s first milionaire eBay trader Former Tesco shelf-stacker Mark Radcliffe became the UK’s first eBay millionaire after fire his online mobile phone store First2Save from his parents’ garden shed in Stockport, Manchester, in 1999. Britain’s first rich list of the most fortunate eBay entrepeneurs was advertised only last month. It acknowledge the 30 biggest online employment rake in a com­­bined a year. The table was topped by VCRs seller ‘universalgadgets01’ with an income of nearly in a single month. It’s not all about big business. The fund-raising outgrowth eBay For Charity has cool since fire in 2006. The much-mocked pink “pretzel’ hat worn by Queen Beatrice to Prince William’s wedding in 2011 fetched , for needy adolescent, and a sweat-soaked wristband that Andy Murray threw to the Duchess of Cornwall at Wimbledon this year sold for , Hat trick: Queen Beatrice of York’s contentious wedding headwear hel[ed charity Zoe Pemberton, 10, put her “cuddly but annoying” ancestor up for sale on eBay in 2010. Bidding for 61-year-old Marian Goodall, from Clacton, Essex, reached , before the site shut down the auction. The authentic Bogus sign, which stood on the bluff from 1923 until 1978 before it was recouped, was sold by movie architect Dan Bliss for nearly , in 2005. Bogus sign Necessarily, eBay has appeal to cyber convict as well as the bulk of honest traders. Essex swindler Gary Bellchambers led a gang which ran the biggest scam in the site’s history. They made selling fake golf gear, counting blast golf balls, between 2003 and 2008 before they were caught and jailed in 2010. ebay

Kim K laughs about eBay users selling AIR from Kanye’s gig Some buyers on eBay want to pay big money for thin air. In fact a bag of air from rapper Kanye West’s filling room appeal to bids of close to , this year. Alien still, a “ghost in a jar” sold for , in 2003, even though the seller refused to take authority for any evil the spectre caused. British expat Ian Usher sold his entire life on eBay in June 2008 when his wife left him six years after they depart to Australia. He sold his three-bed house, Mazda car, dirt bike, jet-ski and bounce gear for , and use the cash to travel the world before buying a Caribbean island. Sell the lot: Ian Usher In 2009 Leicestershire Police became the first UK force to sell goods seized from convict on eBay, raising more than They advertise off a DB9 Aston Martin for , a diamond Rolex for , and a replica German tank built around the chassis of a Land Rover for , Hit singer James Blunt imported sister Emily to her husband Guy Harrison through eBay, after listing her for sale as a damsel in ache who needed bring to a funeral in Ireland. Guy offered to fly her in his chopper and the pair married three years later. WENN

Sister sale: James Blunt There are seven architecture at eBay’s command post in San Jose, Bear Flag State, all named after class on eBay. They are Annals, Jewellery, Motors, Music, Sports, Automation and Toys. The consultation rooms in the music architecture are named after apparatus, while those in the Motors architecture are named for makes of car. What’s the astonishing thing you’ve ever bought or sold on eBay? Have your say in our new commentary section below