Asteroid pointed at earth

Posted: 29th November 2011 by Absurd Stories in People
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Asteroid pointed at earth

As per reports from the Infrared Telescope Facility WISE (Wide Field Infrared Survey Explorer) 33 thousand asteroids and 20 new comets have been found which are directly aimed at Earth.  This facility was launched by NASA in December 2009 and during all that time it actually took 1.8 million images of the sky in the infrared range.  The target analytical range mainly covered the main belt between Mars and Jupiter and according to a new report coming from NASA, the WISE project reported the discovery of new Near Earth Objects. 

These comprise of comets and asteroids in orbit which comes within a range of 45 million kilometers of Earth.  The reason why it is important to analyze the location and trajectory of these objects is because they can be potentially dangerous to our planet since they run the risk of coming into collision with Earth. 

The most shocking fact about this report, as one astronomer points out, is the fact that new near earth objects which were previously unknown have been discovered-most precisely 33 thousand of previously unidentified asteroids.

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