Bizarre Incidents on the Road

Posted: 27th June 2011 by Absurd Stories in Law, People
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Bizarre Incidents on the Road

A woman, originally from St Kilda East, was caught drink driving last Friday in Melbourne. To the surprise of the police officers who arrested her, she told them she was going to try her latest set of teeth on fried chicken. Her vehicle was stopped near the Prahran Police Station and the 55 year old female had a positive alcohol test, with a reading of 0.052.

It is already the second time she has been caught drink driving, albeit the last time was nearly 10 years ago. As a result, she was at the receiving end of an automatic license suspension. According to the police, the excuse that was given was that the lady decided out of the blue to go and try her new teeth on KFC. Meanwhile, 3 men were fined for another bizarre incident in Melbourne. Two male occupants of a car were caught standing on the back seats, with their upper body outside of the car through the sunroof. They were each fined more than $300 each, while the driver lost 6 points and was handed a hefty $480 fine.

  1. Olivia Ashe says:

    Come to Australia, you might accidently get killed.