Break the speed limit and get soaked!

Posted: 1st February 2010 by Absurd Stories in Motoring

Break the speed limit and get soaked!

A quick search on YouTube will show you that China’s roads are very dangerous and accidents occur thousands of times a day.

In order to combat accidents and increase the safety of their customers, a bus company in china has launched a new campaign which it hopes will encourage its drivers to drive more slowly and with more care. The Longxiang Public Bus Company has said that it will now begin to hand big bowls of water and will check the level of water at the end of the journey, if a driver drives uncontrollably then the level of water will drop and they will get wet.

The company has also said that CCTV cameras will be implemented and footage will be checked to ensure that the drivers are not topping up the bowls of water. The Chinese government has praised the company for helping ensure the safety of the public.

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