Cat on cactus tree for three days

Posted: 21st November 2011 by Absurd Stories in Animals

This is the weird story of a cat who apparently wanted some time alone and therefore climbed to the top of a cactus tree and stayed there for at least three days. 

The cat was finally spotted by a hiker at the top of the saguaro cactus which is reported to be at least 20 feet high in the middle of the desert located in Mesa, almost 20 miles away from Phoenix.  When the cat was finally spotted, it inevitably attracted much attention from the media, most specifically from an overhead television helicopter. 

It looks like the cat had enough of this unwanted attention and simply… climbed down the tree and went back home! So much for a cat who was not stuck on the tree but rather climbed and stayed there willingly. We are unsure of the exact cat breed.