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Mum discovers face of Virgin Mary in a tree

Posted: 30th October 2015 by Absurd Stories in Afterlife

A woman claims to have seen the face of the Virgin Mary – in a tree outside her home. Paula Raferty said she first noticed the startling similarity when a neighbour of hers walked up to her and pointed it out. Paula, 48, was chatting to her neighbour on Thursday morning when they pointed to […]

1000 year-old-tomb has a perfectly preserved skeleton

Posted: 30th September 2015 by Absurd Stories in Afterlife

A frame has been found by classicist – and has been almost perfect conserve for a millennium. The bin was bare on September 16, buried beneath the small church of St Alban’s Priory in Odense, Denmark. In the footage, two classicist are seen lifting a huge stone slab off the upper part of the frame […]

The world’s most famous mummy, Tutenkhamun, was buried with his penis existing at a 90 degree angle. Now expert accept that his abiding adjustment was made to make King Tut look like Osiris, the god of the afterlife. Why? You ask. Bestow to Egyptologist Salima Ikram, assistant at the American Academy in Cairo, it was […]