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With their crude cartoon-like style in rough Biro, little about these two drawings would lead you to believe they’re worth a whopping £16250., But that’s what they’ve just sold for – and all because they were created by the magical pen of renowned British artist LS Lowry . Looking at the works, they could easily […]

Girl has huge hairball weighing over a kilogram removed from stomach

Posted: 30th December 2015 by Absurd Stories in Children

The family of an 11-year-old girl were baffled when she started refusing all food and drink and complained of a crippling stomach ache. But doctors soon worked out the cause of her complaint – a massive hairball weighing more than a kilo in her stomach. CEN Shock: The hairball had been dragged through her digestive […]

Long touted as the food item that tempts vegetarian converts back to meat, bacon is a big hit worldwide – but you probably can’t remember the first time you tried it. However, the parents of 18-month-old Easton Beach have documented the very special moment their son sampled those delights for prosperity. The cute tot , […]

Parents dunk children in cow dung for its medicinal properties

Posted: 4th December 2015 by Absurd Stories in Children, Religion

People living in small village are dipping their children in cow dung – in a bid to bring good luck. The unusual tradition takes place in a tiny village named Betul in Madhya Pradesh, India. Parents believe that smearing their kids in cow dung can help them lead a healthy life free from ailments. And […]

This is the moment shocked students laugh hysterically with embarrassment after they discover a laptop left on their desk by a stranger is displaying porn. One of the group tries to quickly shut the laptop down as the people starring in the footage can be heard loudly over the speakers. He is then told by […]

Ghosts at an Airport

Posted: 3rd November 2015 by Absurd Stories in Children, Ghosts

Security staff at an international airport have been left shivering in fear after spotting the ghost of a small child haunting departures. The terrifed employees at Mexico City’s International Airport say the spirit is of a seven-year-old girl is frequently spotted in an around the terminal. They say she is also spotted in an area […]

This could be the best Halloween costume you see this year – even though it’s a bit controversial. A child, presumably part of a creative family, was sent to a Halloween party dressed as a giant Rocket Raccoon from Guardians of the Galaxy. It as uploaded to Imgur earlier today where it has been viewed […]