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A 14-year-old girl is facing assault charges because she threw a baby carrot at one of her teachers. Student Aliya May says she saw the teacher in the corridor after lunch and launched the baby carrot. Unfortunately for both of them it bounced off the teacher’s forehead before falling on the floor. School disciplinary documents […]

Kids Halloween Costumes

Posted: 19th October 2015 by Absurd Stories in Children

If these kids turned up at your front door on October 31 asking “Trick or treat?”, you might just run for the hills. Imagine the creepiest characters from the most terrifying horror films in child form – that’s what you’re dealing with. They’ve been made up to look like ghoulish figures such as Jack Skellington […]

Child has PENIS and fingers cut off

Posted: 15th October 2015 by Absurd Stories in Children

A child’s fingers and genitals were cut off by a woman whose sleep was disturbed by the playful youngster. The accused woman, Liu Tao, was reportedly sleeping in a room at her cousin’s rental home in Shaodong county in central China’s Hunan province when a six-year-old boy living next door and nicknamed Xiaoming went into […]

A town is on high alert after a series of circumstance affect clowns. The dire clown masks have been announced to police after alarming adolescent on the streets of Tonbridge in Kent. Frantic parents have issued a warning after a group of pupils at Hillview School were reportedly chased through the town by a woman […]

Creepy devil doll terrifying the internet

Posted: 8th October 2015 by Absurd Stories in Children
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A spooky walking doll video has sent the WWW into a frenzy after dragging out viewers with its uncanny human abilities. The footage of the doll, which basically emerged online two years ago, has gone viral after being shared bank of times on various social media sites. The freaky toy, which has huge black eyes, […]

Girl terrifies brother dressed as evil clown

Posted: 8th October 2015 by Absurd Stories in Children, Facebook

A young man got the fright of his life when his sister dressed up as an evil clown and jumped out on him apply a meat cleaver. The cruel prank was apprehend on video and transfer to J unkinvideo and designate scares where it quickly went viral. The footage opens with the sister showing off […]

Anybody hates a packed and busy commute, but this absolutely isn’t the way to get around existing on a sweaty train. The clip shows two teenage boys adherent to the back of a driver train as it pulls out of a station. They hold on using a step and bar at the back, until the […]