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out of curiosity/boredom I A man who gets drunk after eating augur a girl about one of her travel murphy has told how his loved ones were indoctrinated he was a secret cartoon, he alcoholic. Nick Hess has rare auto-brewery continued. ailment, meaning "Subsequently I told her I would take her to China if she […]

Adam Richman, eat your heart out. A slender model has left the WWW baffled after wolfing down 20 McDonald’s beefburger in just 16 minutes – putting the Man v Food star to shame. But for those who know Nela Zisser well, her quick bite feat came as no amazement, because she’s absolutely a aggressive eater […]

A woman has grown a tumour the size of a bowling ball on her back for more than 10 years. The 46-year-old woman arrived at a clinic in Dublin where medical experts inspected the 19 x 17cm boob-shaped growth. Dr Tunde Abdulsalam, who add the case study for a British Medical report, carried out an […]

This alarming footage shows workers at a clinic bathing in the cooking pots used to prepare food for patients. The clip shows a worker in clinic uniform sitting in the large pot, while fellow clinic agent pour water over his head from plastic jugs. He and people around him can be heard humorous as he […]

Cold Play Nela Zisser Eats 5 Pounds Of Frozen Yogurt

Posted: 5th September 2015 by Absurd Stories in Food

And you think you’ve had brain freeze? Watch Nela Zisser of New Zealand eat 5 pounds of frozen yogurt¬†in 9-minutes 45-seconds. Zisser, a beauty pageant winner turned aggressive eater, begins by eating a cherry on top. Then she starts shoveling. Zisser wrote on YouTube that her goal was to finish under 10 minutes, so she […]

Placenta¬† smoothies are said to bring amazing health aid, helping women bounce back from birth and dismiss post natal depression. They can also be used to provide a cheap laugh while advance YouTube hits – as this gross, if kind of funny video shows. In a clip that has already amass thousands of views, three […]

Is this Britain’s biggest burger it has 12 quarter pounders

Posted: 3rd September 2015 by Absurd Stories in Food

This is surely the king of all burgers, entire with two-and-a-half pounds of meat, ten rashers of bacon and a couple of fried eggs. Like object from aggressive eating programme Man v. Food, the mega meal also comes with 12 onion rings and 1lb of chips – and, perhaps amusingly, a side salad. It’s also […]