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Nearly all of us have been on holiday or stayed in a motel where we’ve taken comfort of the secure ‘safe’ to store expensive and important belongs and travel tickets. But what if you found out that these allegedly secure vaults are absolutely extraordinarily easy to break in to. Even more worryingly, it can be […]

A pensioner made life hell for his neighbours by blasting out Kylie Minogue hits in the early hours of the morning. Alienated Thomas Flowers, 75, also used power tools late at night after getting into a dispute about noisy neighbours and about soil being dumped close to his garage. Flowers accuse to council bosses and […]

Company sells lethal flamethrowers for fun

Posted: 4th September 2015 by Absurd Stories in Law
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A company has come under fire for buying and selling lethal ammunition for ‘fun’. The firm is allege that the deadly weapons are ‘novelty tools’ and there’s no need for force to stop the general public from using them. They even feature a cartoon design, another buying action that aims to boost their public appeal. […]

This is the amazing moment a cab driver pops his boot open to reveal a imagined robber he’s caught – while being consult live on TV. The angel taxi man, from Bolivia, then makes an on-air appeal for police to come and take his catch away. He tells the interrogator, in his home town of […]

This is the moment a woman deride police agent by appropriating out of her car to dance after being go after in a high speed chase. Police had pursue to stop the tourist after besmirch her active carelessly over the avenue of central Los Angeles. to Ramirez of the Los Angeles Police the woman finally […]

A brazen thief has been caught on CCTV as he uses nitroglycerin to blast his way into a cash machine. The attack was documented by a bond camera in an ATM doorway in Ponta Grossa, Brazil on Wednesday. In the video, a man draining a white hooded jumper and bear a black bag access the […]

Porn films to be banned for guests at all Hilton Hotels

Posted: 26th August 2015 by Absurd Stories in Law, People
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Hilton hostel are set to ban all porn channels at their hostel – in the bold banning sexual exploitation. The comprehensive chain has declared that it is abolish pay-per-view porn avenue from all of their hostel in 85 community crosswise the world. The news comes after a crusade that saw top administration each appropriating as […]