Celebrity Cow on the Run in Austria

Posted: 23rd August 2011 by Absurd Stories in Animals
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It has been reported that a "cow whisperer", infrared cameras and helicopters are on the hunt for a runaway Austrian cow named Yvonne, who escaped slaughter in May this year to seek refuge in a Bavarian forest.

The cow has now become a star in the Germany and Austria media, having evaded capture for almost three months, the leading newspaper in Germany's, called Bild, has now offered up to 10,000 euro ($13,892) reward for the Cow's capture earlier this week. But on the Cow's side there is an Austrian animal sanctuary, which has offered to purchase Yvonne to spare her life.

The Sanctuary are resorting to more unusual methods to locate the timid animal. You are not going to believe this but a "cow whisperer" has been "communicating" with Yvonne every day by telepathy, Britta Freitag from the Aiderbichl sanctuary near Salzburg told the Austria Press Agency overnight. The cow now apparently understands that she will not be harmed but has remained too afraid to show herself following the distressing transfer from her Austrian farm to Bavaria, according to these telepathic conversations.

Meanwhile, efforts to locate the bovine animal by helicopter and using infrared cameras had come to nought, although she was reportedly sighted twice on Thursday before vanishing again into the wild. If telepathy does not work, then maybe love will with a bull named Ernst being brought in by the Aiderbichl people to lure Yvonne out of her trees with his voice. Her son Friesi has also been roped in to help, to no avail.

Yvonne hails from the southern Austrian province of Carinthia but was sold to a Bavarian farm where she was to be fatted up for slaughter before she escaped on May 24. German police even issued a permission to shoot her after she ran in front of a police car, citing her as a threat to traffic. We wish you all the best Yvonne and hope you will remain free and uncaught.