How to Cheat High Occupancy Vehicle Corridor

Posted: 30th January 2012 by Absurd Stories in Law, Motoring
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Cheat High Occupancy Vehicle Corridor

He had more than enough of his 90 mile to and back from work each day, but most important of all he was tired of getting stuck for hours in the traffic, so he got the bright idea of putting a skeleton in the passenger seat so as to become eligible to drive in the high occupancy vehicle corridor.

He managed to take advantage of the HOV corridor until the Washington motorist was finally busted.  Bryan Stime was asked to pull over by a traffic officer for reckless driving and for changing lanes in a risky manner. 

For so long the man has been driving in the carpool lane in his silver Mazda but only had his green skeleton outfitted in a white sweatshirt-which represented a clear violation of the rules to qualify for the HOV corridor.  Before opting for the skeleton, using a blow up doll or mannequin first came to his mind.  After being pulled over by the officer, he was charged a fine of $454 for his driving as well as his ingenious plans of using a skeleton!