UFO being investigated by secret agents

Posted: 3rd December 2015 by Absurd Stories in Aliens

Crashed fireball UFO being investigated by secret agents but whats really going on
Crashed fireball UFO being investigated by secret agents but whats really going on
Crashed fireball UFO being investigated by secret agents but whats really going on
A crashed UFO is being investigated by secret agents after it came down close to a road – at least that’s what we are led to believe. In the convincing footage the green lights from the UFO can be seen shooting through the sky, before it looks as though it has come down nearyby. But the viral stunt, showing people in South Africa that a downed UFO had crash landed in their country flopped, when savvy social media users rumbled it as a prank within minutes. The scam – to promote a new health drink – started with video clips apparently showing strange lights in the sky, and one of them then crashing to earth. In the full advert which reveals the advertising campaign as a joke sees teams wearing bio-hazard suits starting to seal off areas in the southern city of Cape Town. CEN

Spotted: The UFO apparently falling from the sky Read more: Bizarre ‘UFO’ spotted above branch of IKEA caught on camera in this remarkable footage Then they are seen in the area of Sandton in the city of Johannesburg, as well as other cities around what seemed to be a crashed alien space craft. But the stunt was blown when Twitter users recognised it as a hoax straight away. One of the first tweets from user Mike Sharman said: “#UFOsa comes to Sandton… Hmmm” CEN

Crash: They claim the UFO had hit the ground Read more: UFO sighting: Blinking and colour-changing light spotted in sky above Warwickshire homes Another shortly after from traffic news expert Rob Byrne said: “Sandton and William Nicol crash site is probably a movie set.” Even South African Olympic swimmer Roland Schoeman got in on the ridicule with a dig at the country’s tough immigration regulations on children. CEN

Concern: The scene of a UFO crash – or a film set? He tweeted: “#UFOSA if it is a UFO in Cape Town, I hope the little aliens have their unabridged birth certificates.” Another user known as Gogo tweeted: “Can I just say how unconvincing the #UFOSA thing has been? we need better hoaxes.” Later the PR firm behind the stunt admitted the attempted scam had been dreamed up to sell a health drink for clients Clover and FutureLife. CEN

Advert: The PR company admits the video was a hoax Watch the full advert here and let us know what you think of the hoax in our comments section below.