Criminal kids caught kissing on camera during crime

Posted: 3rd February 2015 by Preeti Bhatia in Facebook, Law, People
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MAIN-PAY-Kissing-Thieves   There have been many famous onscreen villainous power couple romances throughout history. These criminal couples are known for their love of each other and their crimes against others. Mickey and Mallory Knox, Bonnie and Clyde, and Honey Bunny and Pumpkin are just a few.

A teen burglar couple from China may soon be next on that list. The teenagers were caught on CCTV stealing from a store in the Sichuan province. They broke in and took just over £210 in cash from the register. Detectives and officers were meticulously reviewing the CCTV footage to catch the thieves, but were having a difficult time trying to identify the crooks; until a break in the story happened. At one point durinPAY-Kissing-Thievesg the robbery, these two lovebirds decided to share a kiss, which was caught on CCTV. It was potentially this moment of passion that led to their identification and demise.

PAY-Kissing-Thieves2Images of the two kissing during the robbery went viral, and a social media user recognized them. This user contacted the police immediately and revealed the identity of the smooching bandits. The couple was later located and arrested with some of the stolen cash still in their possession. Relieved that the two criminals were caught, the store owner himself couldn’t help but laugh at the kissing kids on camera. Other social media users have enjoyed giggles at the couple’s bad luck. Just as many of the onscreen couples, this criminal duo did not enjoy a happy ending.PAY-Kissing-Thieves3