Crotchless panties gone too far

Posted: 1st December 2011 by Absurd Stories in Children, People
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Mothers were left shocked and speechless after they discovered crotchless panties being sold in a store catering mainly for children’s clothing in Colorado.  One mother, Erin French, reported how the sight of the leopard print crotchless panties left her dismayed at the Kids N Teen store in Greeley, 80Km Northeast of Denver.

The moment she saw those grown up lingerie in the children’s section, next to the princess style dresses and back packs, she could not believe her eyes and immediately took a cellphone video of the said garment. 

After receiving complaints from upset parents regarding the petite crotchless panties, the item was quickly removed from the shelves and so far it is only the video taken by French that can attest to the fact that the store ever had these panties in stock.  On the management side, the store owner notes that this store does not cater only for underage children but also for teenagers.  However, French made it clear that irrespective of the niche they are targeting, the truth remains that these panties are being targeted to very young girls.  She adds that this is definitely not the right message to send to the young girls and to encourage them to become over sexualized at an early age.