Cupcake Terror Threat

Posted: 20th January 2012 by Absurd Stories in Law, People
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Cupcake Terror Threat

Who would have thought that a frosted cupcake could be considered as a threat? At least that’s what a TSA airport security officer thought about a woman’s cupcake who just flew back home from Las Vegas. 

Rebecca Hains from Peabody and who works as a communications professor at Salem University has had enough of the illogical judgment of TSA officers who believe they can confiscate anything that fit their bureaucratic definition of national threat.  Hains explain that the security officer did not see anything wrong with the cupcake per se but rather with its frosting which he viewed as a gel.  As per TSA restrictions no liquids or gels were allowed on flights and he even offered Hains the chance of eating the cupcake away from airport security area.

To Hains, this incident is not only about a cupcake but also shows the kind of irrational thinking that some TSA agents have and the way this is encroaching on citizen’s freedom.  When she explained to the officer that she took two cupcakes past security lines in Boston, the officer simply responded that this only shows that the officers in Boston did not do a good job!

On TSA’s side, a spokesman Nico Melendez said that passengers are allowed to take cakes and cupcakes through checkpoints and they are investigating this case.