Daughter Picks Winning Lottery Ticket

Posted: 31st March 2012 by Absurd Stories in People
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The list of "Ways of ruining your kids lives" is about a trillion miles long, and somewhere between "reading bedtime stories too scary" and "comparing kids" there is this cracker: have your kids choose winning lottery numbers

Because for Afsheen Ahsan, this strangely worked. Afsheen's 2-year-old daughter, Anaya Hussein, put her hands on a lottery ticket, so she purchased it. And of course IT WON $1 million. 
Afsheen said the only reason I purchased that lottery ticket was because Anaya touched it. "If she had not touched it, I would not have taken it. She is lucky." So now this is going to sit over Anaya's head for the rest of your life? She is a lucky charm! We now wonder if Anaya will work more miracles for her parents? "Anaya, do it again! Choose the Powerball for me!" "Anaya, which pair of socks that I wear today? You pick for me, you are Lucky!"
Luck is a scary thing to hang in a child, because they have absolutely no control over it. This may be the only lucky thing Anaya touches the rest of her life but it still too much pressure. What if your parents start expecting great things from Anaya? 
What a strange thing for her to grow up with, always knowing that your family receives $ 30,000 in free income just because she happened to give a lottery ticket at random pat. I think parents should just leave it outside. It has a nice story for adults, but it is too much for the child.
Have you ever let your kids choose winning lottery numbers?