Doc who posed for explicit selfie-style pic while caring for pregnant woman faces the sack
This picture of a doctor caring for a pregnant woman while flipping a ‘v for victory’ sign at the camera has gone viral – and landed the medic in hot water. In the appalling image, the doc has one hand on the woman’s private parts while the other gives the two-fingered symbol. Admitting the medic didn’t take the picture herself, the image has been slammed as another example of disproportionate selfies from the medical profession. Earlier detail have mostly confusing nursing staff and people in lesser roles. This is accept to be the first case that a doctor has faced an enquiry for a similar breach of medical ethics.  Originally it was unknown who the doctor was but now she has been analyze as a female doctor working at the Johor Bahru clinic, which is in the state of Johor, in Malaysia. The country’s health bishop Dr Seri Subra agreed swift action to punish the doctor for the breach of medical ethics but said that they were waiting for an analysis by the medical ethics panel before conclusive whether she should be sacked or fined. Admitting abridge, the patient’s private parts are clearly visible in the photo, which a short while later went viral. The photo was taken only freshly and agent also want to know who the unknown paparazzo was.