Drug Testing, For Goats?

Posted: 20th October 2011 by Absurd Stories in Animals
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It appears that drugs are ripe in the competition Goat scene as well, and officials at the Colorado State Fair have disqualified the "grand champion goat" at this year's events because they say it tested positive with an unapproved drug.

The Chieftain reported Friday that also a second goat which had been entered by another child from the same family also was disqualified for the same drug.

Susan Weinroth of Sedalia says the disqualified goats family got a letter from the attorney general's office saying her family's goats tested positive to a feed additive that is only approved for swine and not goats.

The Mother of the fmaily suspects the food that had been fed to their goat's may have been tampered with, she says the the family will appeal the decision.

By being disqualified this means that her daughter and son can't collect their winnings which amounts to $5,500 with the champion plus $1,300 with the back-up.