Eel swims through penis and removed through bladder

Posted: 20th September 2011 by Absurd Stories in Animals
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Yes you are reading it right-a man identified as Zhang Nan had a 15mm eel which entered through his penis has had to undergo a three hour operation to remove the eel through his bladder.

The eel was found dead. Zhang, 56, who was relaxing in a spa bath and enjoying a therapy whereby live eels were allowed to feed on the dead skin, when suddenly he started feeling an immense pain. It was only then that he realized that one small eel had started travelling up his urethra, the end of his penis.

He tried to hold it back but given the fact that the eel was too slippery, it quickly went up his penis. The explanation provided by the surgeon regarding this rare case was given that the eels are slippery this worked like a lubricant and helped it glide smoothly up the penis even though the diameter of the urethra is quite narrow.

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