Ex -Wife’s Wedding Dress

Posted: 2nd January 2012 by Absurd Stories in People
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When Kevin Cotter's wife left him after twelve years of marriage, she left her wedding dress. "What do you want me to do with your dress?" he first said. The reply was scathing, "Do what you want with it, I do not care." After a period of depression, the 36 year old from Arizona decided to take it literally creating a blog called "My ex-wife’s wedding dress". Every day, 5,000 visitors on average offer new fun ways to ‘play’ with the dress. Mr. Cotter has also written a book in which he compiled 101 good ways to recycle a wedding dress.

Why not for example, it can be used as a tablecloth for a picnic, as camouflage for snowy landscapes of war,  it can be used as a dental floss, as mop or even a dish? The dress has also served as a shower curtain, mosquito and fishing net. On his blog, Mr. Cotter also details the advantages of the box of the dress, which can be used as a footrest in front of the TV. His craziest idea, however, was to use the dress to tow a caravan for more than one kilometer.

  1. Michael says:

    Great work mate, gives me some excellent ideas, now all I have to do is get divorced.