Kidnapped child finds family through Facebook after 22 years

Posted: 29th September 2011 by Absurd Stories in Facebook, People

Alex Anfuso
is an Italian born man who grew up in Egypt with his father.  He was born to an Italian mother and when he was aged 5 he was kidnapped by his own father and brought to Egypt.  At the time of the kidnapping, in 1987, his mother was imprisoned in a jail in Rome’s Rebibbia.  Alex has been living in the Egyptian capital, Cairo for the past 22 years under a new name and identity.  Even after spending the past two decades in Egypt he still does not have a birth certificate or residency in the country. 

The man took to the social networking site Facebook in an attempt to find his family members in Italy and posted the following message: “My name is Alex.  I am looking for my family. I am looking for my mother.”

He was so desperate to find his mother and family after all these years that he sent messages to people on Facebook who had the name ‘Anfuso’ and was not successful in getting in touch with his family until he finally sent a message to Pino Anfuso who was a TV technician and who happened to work for RAI, the state broadcaster.  Although he was not his relative, he agreed to help Alex find his family by sharing his story with the popular TV Chi l’ha visto (Who has seen them?). 

Alex then participated in the TV show to tell the world about his search for his family but unfortunately learnt that his mother had passed away.