Facebook Poll for a Tattoo

Posted: 29th September 2011 by Absurd Stories in Facebook, People, School Life
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The boy who set a Facebook poll to get a Tattoo which said that if he had one million people he would get the 150 Pokemon tattooed on his back.  A boy from Ecuador created a new group on Facebook with the name: “If I get 1.000.000, I , José Romero, will tattoo the 150 Pokemon on my back "What started out to be a fun thing for him ,turned out to be a real nightmare.  He did not expect that people will be so interested in his endeavor of having 150 tattoos on his back that they would start signing up for his group.  Within 24 hours, people all over the world joined his group and he had almost 50, 000 members.  The young Ecuadorian felt threatened by this astronomical success of this group and the amount of people who signed up with each passing second that he decided to restrict his own profile so that people would not find him. 

Having been deceived by José Romero, people who joined the group and who had hope that he will fulfill his promise in turn created another group to find him so that they could give him a drubbing for his prank and for failing to abide by his promise.  So far, the space has 600, 000 followers.

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