Facebook Wedding

Posted: 29th September 2011 by Absurd Stories in Facebook, People, Religion
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A Facebook Wedding?  what next?

Getting married is the most special moment for every couple who has been madly in love and waiting for the moment they will finally be blessed in the sacred bond of marriage. 

So what would you expect a normal groom to do at the wedding altar? Of course, to stand by the side of his bride and take the vows of being with her for the rest of her life through good and bad times.  What about after the vows? You would expect him to kiss the bride right?

Meet Dana Hanna, a software developer who not only took the vow of staying by his bride’s side but also to keep his Facebook and Twitter status updated no matter what the situation.  So this geek updated his relationship status even before kissing his bride and even handed over his cellphone to his wife so that she could do the same. 

Now Dana, we do appreciate that you want to keep up us updated about your relationship status but let’s hope that you do not keep us updated about every step of your honeymoon!


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