Family Struck by Lightning whilst Voting for their Premier in QLD

Posted: 31st January 2015 by Absurd Stories in Weather

imagesA Young FAMILY is believed to be in the hospital fighting for their lives after being struck by lightning in the Gold Coast Hinterland in Queensland Australia.

The mother, father and two young children are believed to be among the victims.

Medical workers are desperately trying to revive the father after the lightning strike which occurred at a Gold Coast School in Lawrence Hinde Park in Worongary it happened shortly after 4pm.

The family was on their way to vote for the new Premier of Queensland at the time.  Maybe now the government will think about the impact mandatory voting is where you have to go to a polling booth, no matter what the weather!!!

A poll booth worker who witnessed the incident said the lightning strike was “beyond a bang”.

“There was a massive blast of light and it was beyond a bang … it just shattered the air,” the worker said.

“I did not think anything off it initially but then emergency services showed up.”

It is believed the man, his wife, and their two children were on their way to vote at the polls.

The wife and two children have been transported to The Gold Coast University Hospital in a critical condition.

“18-month old child with an altered level of consciousness as well as an adult with an female altered level of consciousness are on their way to Gold Coast University Hospital,” he said.

“Emergency workers are performing CPR on an adult male also on way to hospital.

“A 12 week old child is being transported to hospital by family members.”

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  1. Brandon says:

    Brisbane Storms are very dangerous

  2. Lily says:

    How could this happen to an entire family?

  3. Damika Irving says:

    This is so Sad, my heart goes out to this family