Female Orgasm

Posted: 24th November 2011 by Absurd Stories in People
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A team of researchers from Rutgers University have finally come up with this brilliant idea of portraying what the female orgasm looks like by taking snapshots of the brain of a person having an orgasm and then turning it into an animated film.  The subject for this research was Nan Wise, a 54 year old PhD Student who agree to be hooked up to a functional magnetic resonance imaging scanner while sexually stimulating herself.

Although she agrees that engaging in a moment of self love while being hooked up in a scanner is definitely not the most romantic moment of her life, she nevertheless admits that she had some fun while participating on this research.  The same opinion was echoed by another participant, Kayt Sukel, who expressed the difficulty she had in reaching an orgasm while being connected to a scanner. 

On the research side, apart from the fact that we can now see the reaction of the brain to an orgasm in its colorful glory, it is expected that by knowing what actually triggers pleasure and how the brain subsequently reacts to it will offer a better understanding regarding why some men and women have difficulty in achieving the highest level of pleasure.