Fisherman baffled by prehistoric catch

Posted: 1st April 2010 by Absurd Stories in Animals

Fisherman baffled by prehistoric catch A Chinese fisherman was shocked today to catch a mystery creature which looked like a mix between a turtle and a dinosaur.  The catch was later identified as an alligator snapping turtle by local scientists. What has baffled the scientists is that this creature is not native as originates from North America.

The scientists believe that this freak occurrence was caused by someone abandoning a pet by throwing it into the lake. The fact that the creature was not native to the local area means that it could have severely disrupted and damaged the local ecosystem. The fisherman, Sun Yongcheng says that he was scared when he saw a strange black creature as he pulled up the fishing rod from the water.

The local fishing society urges anyone that has a pet which is not native to the local area to inform an animal protection service to the animal can be put into a suitable place and stop any damage which could happen if the animal was released into the wild.

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