Foam Storm

Posted: 18th January 2012 by Absurd Stories in Weather
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Foam storm

It still remains unclear as to what exactly is causing the dirty foam along the promenade at a popular Lancashire tourist spot but it sure is proving very horrendous for residents which are forced to stay inside. 

The oil bubbles look like a car wash gone bad and were blown ashore by the 90mph winds which battered the resort of Cleveleys, near Blackpool.  In some places, the foam has even reached almost 3ft deep.  While residents are forced to stay inside, car drivers are unwilling to take their cars out since it is dirtying their cars, staining clothes and windows. 

One of the residents did not hold back his anger regarding this situation explaining that the foam is not only staying along the promenade but getting inland and all the bungalows are covered as well.  However no one knows what is causing the foam which looks like water filled with detergent.  But testing of a sample of water revealed that the water did not contain any detergent. 

An Environment Agency was collecting samples for further testing and said that the foam could be caused by some form of decomposing of algal matter.  She also adds that although this type of foam occurs occasionally, normally, once a year, this year it occurred more than once.