Gerbil Ballerina?

Posted: 2nd December 2011 by Absurd Stories in Animals
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Meet Gary, the world’s first Gerbil ballerina.  This little animal not only has a passion for Mozart but is also very keen upon getting into his tutus and plié to demonstrate his rare talent.  The passion of this gerbil ballerina has surely not gone unnoticed by his owners since he is rewarded with a spot of grub after each of his performances. 

His owners have even posted a video of the gerbil ballerina during one of his performances whereby he can be seen moving around happily on Mozart’s Violin Concert No. 3 in G Major, holding perfect posture and in a breathtaking style. 

The little gerbil has also mastered some of the techniques of ballerina most notably the outward rotation of the thighs from the hip.  He can be seen doing his little maneuvers in a 30 second clip video on YouTube where he has made thousands of fans.  Some of them have even commented that the little furry critter seems to be enjoying himself while twirling around.