German Insurance Company Offered Prostitutes to Its Workers

There are different ways you can reward your employees. However, a German insurance company probably went a step too far. They decided to arrange an orgy for their employees by inviting prostitutes for a party in a Hungarian spa. The top salesmen were invited to the orgy. The top 100 salesmen of the company were greeted by scantily dressed hostesses and some 20 prostitutes. This was revealed by Ergo spokesman Alexander Becker. However, he was keen to stress that the event was a

violation of the company’s values. Indeed, he has assured everyone that there will not be a second occurrence of what happened. While prostitution is legal in Germany and Hungary, those who had participated in the event have already left the insurance company. The directors of Ergo, a branch of Munich Re, were only informed of the orgy, once those who had organised it had already left the company.