Ghost of hanged pub landlord

Posted: 27th October 2015 by Absurd Stories in Ghosts
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A spine-tingling image has been caught on camera for the first time believed to show the ghost of a landlord who committed suicide in one of Britain’s most haunted pubs. Staff at The Golden Fleece in York have reported in the past that they felt tightness around their necks behind the bar where it is believed a landlord once hanged himself. The pub has even featured on the Most Haunted TV show. Read more: Every day is Halloween in the town where ‘people go to talk to the dead’ Diner Susanne Taggart was taking photographs when she visited the pub ahead of doing a paranormal investigation later that evening when she caught the creepy image. The picture shows the clear shape of a man behind the bar of the 500-year-old pub, despite no one being stood there at the time. Susanne, who is 51 and from Manchester, said: “I was just taking a few shots of the scene around us while we had our dinner. I wasn’t even thinking of using them for anything, it was just to show where we were going to be investigating later. Mercury Press

Up close: The creepy image was spotted by Susanne’s husband Steve as he looked though the pictures “But then later that evening when my husband Steve was looking through the pictures he spotted a strange shadow behind the bar. “It was very dark and it clearly is the lurking shape of big person as you can see the head and shoulders, but the only person in the shot was the girl behind the bar and you can see her on the left. She confirmed to us that no one else was there with her. “There was a kitchen door behind the figure but it is completely obscured by this shadow. None of us could believe it. Quite a few people in our group were shook by the photo and we found it very unsettling.” Throughout the rest of the evening at The Golden Fleece, cold chills were felt in certain areas of the house and a child’s voice was heard at one point. Susanne took the picture over a year ago but after analysing it and not being able to explain the figure, she eventually forgot about it. Now she is calling on the public to see if anyone can explain it. Mercury Press

Ghost hunters: Susanne and Steve Taggart were visiting the bar for a paranormal investigation Susanne, who runs the UK Shadow Seekers paranormal investigation team, said: “Despite being a paranormal investigator, I am definitely a sceptic. While I like to think there could be something out there, I think there is a rational explanation to most the things we see and think are ‘supernatural’. “So when I saw this picture, despite it being very creepy, I thought there must be a rational explanation.” However a friend of mine analysed the picture and said that there was no light penetrating the shadow, it was just a dense black shape. That was very unsettling. “This is the one piece of footage we have ever found that we are not able to debunk. There is no explanation that I can think of. There was no one stood there and yet the shape of a person is clear and it is in the same spot where stories say the landlord hanged himself. “If anyone out there can look at it and provide an explanation then I would be very interested in hearing it as I would like to eventually find an answer to how it can look so real. “It is certainly the best evidence of spirits that I have ever seen. Some people have accused me of using Photoshop but the funny thing is I wouldn’t even know where to start – I am not very good on computers! Haunted public house: The Golden Fleece in York has featured on the Most Haunted TV show “If it is the real thing then I am both pleased and a bit scared. It would be nice to know that there is something after death but it is very creepy and unsettling to think that this is an image of a trapped spirit.” A spokesman for the Golden Fleece said: “It is no surprise that people who live and work in the Golden Fleece have some hair-raising tales to tell. In fact several of them have described how their hair was pulled as if by invisible hands. “There are a number of accounts of staff who have felt a sudden tightening around their neck while standing at the bar – the very bar where, it is said, an earlier landlord hanged himself. “In addition to these sightings there have been numerous other disturbing occurrences reported over the years. Doors banging, mysterious footsteps on the stairs, strange lights, cold spots and temperature changes, candles that light themselves, beds that move and doors that slam. “Seriously spooky and impressive enough for the Most Haunted team from Living TV to camp out with us in 2005 and film their investigations of our resident spectres.” A pub was first mentioned in the city archives on the site of The Golden Fleece all the way back in 1503 and despite structural changes, the building has remained largely the same ever since. …