Gumby the San Diego Robber

Posted: 19th September 2011 by Absurd Stories in Law

Jacob Kiss, 18, disguised as Gumby from the claymation character attempted to rob a 7 Eleven store in the US city of San Diego along with his accomplice identified as Jason Giramma, aged 19.

When he entered the store wearing a full costume of Gumby and warned the clerk that this was a robbery, the latter thought it was a joke and said he had to clean up and did not have time for all this. Apparently this angered Mr. Kiss who then threatened that he had a gun. The frustrated Gumby however seemed to struggle to take the revolver from his pocket owing to his huge gloves and accidentally dropped his change to the floor. Panicked, his accomplice left the store and pulled up in front of the supermarket in a white or silver minivan and began honking the horn.

In the end, Gumby decided to leave the store without stretching things further and drove away. Following this failed and weird attempted robbery, Gumby turned himself in but was released after being questioned by detectives.