How long is the Longest Fingernail in the world?

Posted: 24th September 2011 by Absurd Stories in People
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A Woman from the US has made her way to the Guinness Books of Records with her 6m long fingernail

Chris Walton, a professional singer from Las Vegas has been declared the woman with the longest fingernails.  She has a combined total of 6 meters long fingernails which she claimed to have grown and nurtured over a period of eighteen years.  Also known as her stage name “The Dutchess”, she showed off her record breaking fingernails varnished in gold glitter and posed for photographs on the steps of the ornate main New York Public Library. 

The singer, aged 45 who is not married explains that although she is not married, her long nails sure helps her to get attention from men around her.  She says that she does not drink milk or any other nail friendly diet but instead her secret is candy and a lot of patience behind keeping her nails long. 

Now that she has finally got the Guinness Record, she is thinking about chipping off her nails but intends to do it little by little rather than cutting off everything.