How old is too old for Breast Implants?

Posted: 24th September 2011 by Absurd Stories in People

The great grandmother-mother of four-finally decided to have the boob job she always wanted to have and to restore her figure back to the days before she had any children.  The former model spent £4,000 on cosmetic surgery to increase her breast size from an A cup to an F cup.  After spending 15 years taking care of her ailing husband who passed away last year, Joan Lloyd, decided that it was finally time to invest in herself. 

Following the surgery she claims to feel more confident and attractive about herself and has since then gone back to the dating world.  After the surgery, she has dated men from all age groups-as young as 24 and as old as 50. She further adds that some of them did not even know her real age.  Joan considers this cosmetic surgery as a new lease of life and she is prepared to live it to the fullest, breaking free from the stigma that old people are meant to sit back waiting for death to come their way.