How to make your Kids eat their Breakfast

Posted: 8th February 2015 by Absurd Stories in Children, Food, People
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Wayne-StephensonWayne Stephenson, a 41 year old father of two, had been struggling to have his two daughters have their breakfast until he discovered an easy way to make them enjoy their meal. By stacking the toast to foam a collapsible tower, Stephenson found the ultimate way to spice up the meal from a nightmare to an enjoyable game. Wayne, a North Yorkshire web designer started by cutting the toast into soldiers and placing it at the center of the table, accessible to everyone.

He then came up with an idea to make breakfast more fun for the kids. He cut the toast into quarters and then into three and placed it on the plate. They then arrange the toast in an alternating manner to form a Jenga tower. According to him, since they started playing Jenga, the girls have been eating more toast, along with Marmite and peanut butter.

maxresdefaultWayne says that a level of skill has to be employed in the Jenga to incorporate crusts. He says that he tried it severally before he could do it right. After introducing this game into their breakfast, the two daughters, Kesinee and Elania love their breakfast and eat all the toast. Wayne is married to Sarah, a full time mother. While Kesinee managed the game with ease, Elania was not as good. Their mother toppled the tower the first time and the kids loved it.

Wayne-Stephenson1According to Wayne, it is good for any family to have meals together, but breakfast is most essential meal of the day. Following his Jenga toast idea, the youngsters are always anticipating for the breakfast. He even says that he is bored of having toast every morning but the youngsters cannot have enough of it.