Human-faced piglet grows a penis out of its forehead

Posted: 11th February 2015 by Absurd Stories in Animals
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pig-with-human-face-penis-head-557129Online viewers went berserk over pictures released of the runt of a pig litter, whose face had absurd features. The piglet was one of the last to be born in a litter of 19, and was left with some interesting features on its face.

The deformed runt is said to have a human face and a penis growing out of its forehead. Pictures were posted online and immediately went viral. Viewers wanted to see this unusual piglet and even started a bidding war for it. The 40-year-old farmer became overwhelmed with offers of insane amounts of cash for the oddity.

People from everywhere rushed to Tao Lu’s farm to catch a glimpse of this mutant babe. Lu’s property lies in the Yanan township in the city of Nanning, China. This small-time farmer quickly became big news as local newspapers started to decend upon this bizarre story. pig penis headNewspaper pictures led several potential buyers to put in bids for the animal. These bids were sizable amounts, and Tao stated that the offers for the one piglet was more than he would get for the entire pig family. Unfortunately, the newly famous animal died after the mother rejected it, and it subsequently refused to be bottle-fed. The farmer still plans to put the pig on display as a tourist attraction, even though he was unable to sell it before it died. One visitor saw the pig and was utterly amazed. Wu Kung, 32, saw the newborn and confirmed that the pig really did have a human face and a penis growing out of its forehead.